What do you think of when you see this word? 
Changing homes?
An annoying sibling's command?
"Move" to me is all about action, progress, growth, transformation, becoming unstuck.
I always want to be moving.
I have a passion for helping others move as well.
And as a Christian, I believe that real and substantial movement is rooted in God.
In the Bible we read in Acts 17:28:  
"In Him we live and move and exist."
The power of God is accessible to His children,
and with this power we have the ability to
heal, change, grow and flourish...in a word, "move."


Suzanne Allison, Spiritual Trainer

I call myself a Spiritual Trainer. Why did I choose this title?

I believe the idea of a trainer is an accurate depiction of what I can provide for you.
Think of a trainer in a gym. They will meet with you, find out the areas in which you would like to "get in shape," and then create a workout regimen that is tailored to your needs. A good trainer does not stop there.
They will come alongside you, show you how to utilize the tools they have designed, and then push you to accomplish your workouts, while providing the much needed accountability to succeed.

Think of me as your Spiritual Trainer.
My desire is to come alongside you and point you to God, His Word, and His power,
as I push you towards health, growth and movement.